Advanced Contracting Solutions

At Advanced Contracting Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on our professionalism and conscientious approach to every project that we undertake.

With a team of over 50 professionals and future plans to extend the workforce we are able to manage a vast selection of projects and give each one a dedicated service.

We believe in continual investment within the company and are currently expanding our premises to our exclusive specifications in order to become self sufficient and environmentally sound. We are also taking the opportunity to welcome apprentice positions who we can develop to the working standards that we endeavour to maintain.

The new phase will cover a 300 Msq area and house new workshops which will be fully equipped with new machinery, stores section where orders can be received safely and exclusive storage for larger re-modelling projects.

Coffee #1 Fitting

Friars Walk, Newport, South Wales.


Consultation with the client is the primary stage to ensure that we are able to understand every aspect of the brief we can then get a very good insight into how the client wants the end project to look.

We can offer advice in to what is achievable and if there are areas that need to be re evaluated. Our primary aim is to achieve the end goal where all details have been discussed and approved before we commence.


We have vast experience at renovating commercial properties and are currently managing the contact of a major high street coffee chain.
Our approach is very specific to each client, we can offer anything from generic interiors to the wonderfully eclectic where a certain ambiance is required. For the unique projects we are able to source anything from truly magnificent antique furniture and dressings to quirky ‘up-cycled’ pieces.

Each project will be granted our undivided attention to detail to create a truly wonderful end project.

Solar Photovoltaic

Our consultancy team will visit your premises to conduct a free Energy Service Review. They will advise each client of the benefits solar power can bring for them and even advise on things such as correct lighting for specific areas. We also carry out a financial review in order to present the savings before any decisions are made on commencement of any improvements.

We have recently undertaken the contract of Newport Bus station where we installed solar paneling to their 200 Sqm depot – one of the largest projects undertaken to date. This was completed within the specified time and is already generating savings on their utility bills.