Coffee #1 Alresford, 2 East Street, Alresford, SO24 9EE

Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd began work at Coffee #1 Alresford on the 20th May 2019, completing works in just 4 weeks, handing over on 17th June 2019.

Now owned by Caffe Nero, the Coffee #1 chain continues to produce cosy, attractive coffee shops nationwide. During this transition period, our employees have maintained their efficiency and high standard of work, resulting in an exemplary and well appointed establishment.

Located in the centre of the historic market town of Alresford, this newly refurbished coffee shop has been kept in character with the Georgian architecture prevalent throughout the area. The interior has kept it’s classic quirky character, with unique features – such as vintage fire surrounds and bespoke artwork – and mismatching furniture bringing warmth and an element of fun to the decor.

Our team of electricians from Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd have worked hard along site the plumbers from Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd and the labourers and carpenters from Advanced Contracting Solutions Ltd. With the hand made shelving units, fitted in store, filled with books and custom made counters highlighted by the red and black chequered walkway, we have successfully created a welcoming space for customers to spend time and relax. The warm, bright colours on the walls are jewel bright and interesting, complimenting the fun, lively atmosphere embodied by Coffee #1.

Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd are responsible for fitting and plumbing in the all important kitchenware, and reclaimed flooring and panelling has been fitted throughout by our skilled labourers and carpenters from Advanced Contracting Solutions Ltd.

Why not check out Coffee #1 Alresford yourself if you’re in the area, or visit your local store – the address of which you can find here.