Coffee #1 Daventry – Handed Over 14/05/18

Daventry Electrical \A view over the seating area at Coffee #1 Daventry

A view over the seating area at Coffee #1 Daventry. The soothing green walls and warm-toned wood used throughout lend the space a cosy, relaxed feel.

Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd completed work on Coffee #1 Daventry on 11th May 2018. After joint efforts alongside sister companies Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd and Advanced Contracting Solutions Ltd, we handed the newly refurbished coffee shop over to S. A. Brain & Co. Ltd on 14th May 2018.

Our high standard of work and dedication towards producing an end product both we and our client can be proud of has been evidenced by our latest coffee shop refurbishment.

With a long shopfront and sloping wall indents, works at Coffee #1 Daventry could have proved tricky. Fortunately, with the architectural know-how of Thomas Parry Design and the expertise of our trained contractors, carpenters, joiners, electricians, decorators and plumbers, we were more than up to the task. The bookcases had to be specially designed to accommodate the sloping ceilings of the wall indents and were built in-situ. The large windows of the shopfront allow plenty of light into the shop, highlighting the fresh, lively colours used on the walls, and the warm golden tones of natural woodwork throughout. Mismatched furniture, vibrant vintage lights and specially selected decor produce a lived-in feel, which emulates a cosy atmosphere of ‘home’.

Plumbers from Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd and electricians from Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd have ensured that the all-important kitchen goods are plumbed and wired correctly. Labourers from Advanced Contracting Solutions Ltd have tended to the structure of the building, prescisely laying the reclaimed wood timber floor and tiled walkway. They also constructed and finished the walls with brick and reclaimed wood panelling.

We feel that Coffee #1 Daventry is another good example of the exemplary standards of work and strong work ethic we embody in every project we undertake. If you’d like to see previous examples of some of our work for Coffee #1, you can read our previous blog posts. If you’d like to visit your nearest Coffee #1 but are unsure of where to go, the locations of every shop can be found here.