Coffee #1 Plymouth – Handed Over 09/10/17

Coffee #1 Plymouth, 27 Cornwall Street, Plymouth, PL1 1NW

The counter, made in our workshop and constructed on site by our carpenters and joiners. The tiling was carried out by experienced tilers and labourers. Kitchen goods were fitted by expert plumbers from sister company Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd.

Advanced Electrical Solutions Limited completed work for Coffee #1 Plymouth on 6th October 2017. We officially handed the shop back over to S.A. Brains on 9th October 2017.

The shop looks great, and we’re pleased with the quality of work we carried out.

After several weeks of hard work and long hours, we completed work on Coffee #1 Plymouth comfortably within our schedule. Our client is pleased with our standard of work, and evidence of this high quality can be seen in the photos below.

Customers are welcomed into the shop by bright colours, a classy counter and the striking tiling, which leads the way further indoors. The cosy scheme is complemented by cheerful furniture, reclaimed wooden floors and jewel toned vintage style lighting. Our professional team of qualified electricians, plumbers, carpenters, joiners and labourers have all worked very hard to create this comfortable space.

The start of the job is the most messy – it took over a week to rip out all the unneeded parts of the former shop. We stripped it right back to bare bones, so we started with a blank canvas and worked from there.

We refurbished everything, from the store front and the staff rooms, to the floors and ceilings. The entire store has repainted, rewired and replastered too.

The counters were cut to size in our workshop based in Newport, and then transported and constructed on site by our crafty carpenters. Every counter they make is tailored to a specific store, meaning that the counter in Plymouth is unique and designed with the available space in mind. The same can be said of the ceiling height bookcases, which are a standard of all Coffee #1 stores (as can be seen in previous refurbishment such as Coffee #1 Leamington Spa or Coffee #1 Ledbury) – they’re made to fit, and constructed on site.

The clean, efficiently designed kitchen and its goods – such as the coffee machines – are the result of the combined efforts of our electricians from Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd and the plumbers from our sister company Advanced Mechanical Solutions Ltd. The end result is a professional looking space which is easy to work in, and a reassuring sight for customers.

The tiling on the wall creates an interesting focal feature, as does the reclaimed fire surround. As ever the one-of-a-kind artwork was added to the walls by ‘Rob the Artist’, and is based upon the artist’s research into the social history of Plymouth.

As you can tell, we take great pride in our work, and believe in delivering excellent results for our clients, which we reliably do so time and again. If you’d like to see photos of more finished works carried out by ourselves at Advanced Electrical Solutions Ltd for Coffee #1, see previous blog entries. Better yet, why not visit your local Coffee #1 and see for yourself.